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SoMo: exploding hearts of young girls (and boys) everywhere: Show Review

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If you read my last post about SoMo, you can assume that my roommate Ashley has spent the last three weeks trying to play “Ride” off YouTube on every car ride we’ve been on, giggling to herself looking at his Instagram, and praying to make out with him.

Well folks, she didn’t make out with him, but she did spend a good 3 minutes shrieking like a banshee on the phone when I asked her how she enjoyed her evening with the man (and abs) of her dreams. Here’s what she had to say.

-“He said “I love you everyone! But all I heard was “I love you Ashley!”

-“OMG! Do you wanna see the videos. I took 8 . . . . And 76 pictures. I just wanted to capture him at the perfect angle.”

-“I didn’t get a picture of him shirtless. I got really flustered. I’m so mad.”

-“I mean, he didn’t show his abs enough till the end when he took his shirt off.”

-“His music was really good. He played all of my favorite songs.”

-“He covered pony! That was so great. Everything was so sexual.”

-“They were perfect combination of sweet and sexy, all of his songs.”

-“So he sang this song “Red Lighter” and he gave this cute montage about how you go through a rough patch with someone you love and it leaves pieces and the song was about his pieces and it was just so cute!” (I think she meant monologue.)

-“I never want to go to a concert with more girls. They were standing between me and SoMo.”

-“Obviously when he took his shirt off!” – Upon asking her favorite part.

-“He’s really hot.”

-*Inaudible squeals*

-“I’m not gonna lie, Nat. I just posted on one of his pictures saying ‘SoMo In CoMo #BestNightOfMyLife’”

-*Uncontrollable laughter*

And there you have it folks. If you’re looking for an hour long, sexual, ovary exploding, drool worthy performance, don’t miss SoMo the next time he comes in.


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