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5 Reasons to Catch Ekali

When: Tuesday, December 5thDoors at 7:00 p.m., show at 8:00 p.m.
Where: The Blue Note
Tickets: $15
Opener: Medasin + JUDGE

Finals are right around the corner, but here are some great reasons to skip the half-assed study sesh you might be planning and check out Ekali…

1. Significant musical past

Starting out in the Vancouver music scene as a bassist for the band Said The Whale, Ekali’s (Nathan Shaw) band earned a JUNO Award for Breakout Group of the year. As individual efforts kept him making beats, he gained SoundCloud recognition displaying a handful of tracks with over a million streams. This ability to remix all sorts of genres is most likely what paved the way to his invitation to The Red Bull Music Academy, beating out 4,000 other applicants.

RBMA is a world traveling music series where 60 hand-selected singers, DJs, producers and other musicians collaborate to further their advancement within music. Ekali is part of the 2014 Tokyo class, where he joins other notable musicians, Flying Lotus, TNGHT, Ta-ku and even Aloe Blacc, as alumni.

2. Highly hip-hop influenced

In 2015, Ekali earned the writing credits to the songs “Preach” and “Wednesday Night Interlude” off of Drake’s album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late  from samples of his original SoundCloud release “Unfaith”.


This hip-hop involved background seems to be a direct influence on his collection of hip-hop releases like “Threatz” by Denzel Curry (Ekali & Gravez Remix) and his newest song, “Babylon”. If you are a hip-hop or trap fan and aren’t accustomed to electronic styles, this is a good show to catch.  

 3. Knows how to bring a crowd

Last semester, Ekali opened up for Troyboi right here at The Blue Note and showed how he deserves to be the main act. From the moment Ekali started, a crowd of about 100 slowly expanded to about 650 as he rounded off his set. As more and more people filled in, the set became so much more involved and you could feel the energy all around, especially in the catalyst himself, Ekali.

Among the many festivals he toured this past season, I caught his set at Middlelands.

Here he is turning a crowd from nothing to a mob:

4. The Babylon Tour

The USA production involves floral stage designs to match most of his song releases and strategic light placings that give the off a modest club vibe. The Babylon Tour contains an abundance of dates in cities all around the world, and nearly all are in venues with a capacity of less than 1,000. These two factors make for an original show that is highly dependent on both the artist and the crowd. Look to see more risks taken by Ekali to match the diversified crowd.

5. Mix master

Evident in almost all of his live sets and recorded mixes, Ekali demonstrates his ear-catching ability to mix some of the calmest trance and future bass tracks into D&B and heavier trap/grime beats. This ability to jump bass genres while staying in key and keeping the beat will blow the minds of fans of all genres. He has series of awakening mixes that convey his niche of music. He also shows his vast abilities across the entire electronic spectrum displayed in several credible live mixes like Diplo & Friends and triple j, featuring all sorts of artists and genres.


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80’s vs. 90’s Music Video Bracket: Final Four

When: Saturday, October 7th. Show at 9:00 p.m.
Where: The Blue Note
Tickets: $5

We’re getting close to crowning a champion for the 80’s vs. 90’s Music Video Battle of the Decades. It’s come down to the final four videos of the tournament, and at the end of the day, we will have a winner from each decade before they square off in a final battle to declare the champion!

Check out the final four and cast your votes below, and be sure to come out to The Blue Note on Saturday night for the 80’s vs. 90’s Music Video Battle of the Decades with DJ Requiem!






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HalloWEEKEND at the Note

Halloween in CoMo has never been just a one-day festivity. Students, families and professionals alike take the whole weekend as a chance to let loose, dress up in more than just one costume and PARTY. Well, us here at The Blue Note understand your desire to get freaky this weekend so we have a couple things planned to help you out. If you’re not already partying and getting ready to make your way to the Note, then you’re doing it wrong. Here are four reasons why you should spend your HalloWEEKEND at The Blue Note:

1. Night of the Living Dead.

This is the perfect way to start your Halloween weekend off right.

The first performer will be The Stone Sugar Shakedown. If you’re looking for some Halloween funk and folk to jam to with some good company then this is the perfect place for you to be. Better yet, they are known for killing it live.

The other performer will be Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band. This band puts the perfect R&B twist on good funk music. Give it a listen before you come watch them 🙂

2. 80s vs. 90s Halloween Costume Ball

When: Saturday Oct. 29

I don’t know about you guys but during the weekend of Halloween, I look for any and all excuses to go out, get weird and get dressed up in ridiculous costumes. Well, LOOK NO FURTHER. This is the answer to all your desires. Choose your favorite decade and get crazy with your costume. I personally believe the 90s was the best decade ever. But I was born in the 90s, so I might be biased.

Regardless, its gonna be a party 🎉


3. Lucero

When: Sunday, Oct. 30

Ok, I know how it looks. There’s a lot going on and you’ve already gone hard for two days in a row and its not even Halloween yet! Well, why not take it down a notch without missing a night of fun?

Lucero will take you down to your country roots and give you a chance to kick back with good friends and listen to good music.

Here’s a little taste:

I’m not going to turn down good country during one of the most fun weekends of the year. You’d be crazy to do that.


4. Yep, you guessed it… TECH N9NE

Its a tradition people. Tech N9ne will be at The Blue Note on Halloween night, just like every year.

You’re whole weekend has been leading up to this night and we saved the best for last.

Halloween only comes once a year! Spend it wisely… (hint, hint) at The Blue Note.

Yes, this show will sell out. Yes, this will be the best night of your life.

Caribou Lou is truly a classic. It brings back so many good memories. I just had to put it in there to remind people how freaking awesome Tech N9ne is.

This post was written by by Erin Curry, contributing writer for The Blue Note and Rose Blog.