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History Lesson: Jon Hamm and The Blue Note

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jon-hamm-j-sudeikis-ku-mu You probably didn’t know those two terms went together, did you? Sure, you know Columbia’s beloved Jon Hamm was a Mizzou grad but did you know that he was also a music junkie? Specifically, a music junkie who spent much of his time at The Blue Note.

Back then, he was boxing up the empty beer bottles at the venue so that the venue could get the deposit money from them. Hey, anything helps when you’re running a budding rock venue, right?

At this time, Hamm was just a kind English major at Mizzou who was really into theater and loved to watch shows at The Blue Note. Even though he was never an official employee, he would consistently stick around after the show to help the employees clean up.

So is Jon Hamm still that avid music fan he used to be during his humble beginnings in Columbia? Well, according to the A.V. Club, he loves himself some Sinead O’Connor and Iron & Wine.

Who knows? Perhaps he’ll be back in Columbia sometime soon and happen to stop in at The Blue Note.

This post was written by Chantelle Moghadam, a contributing writer at The Blue Note.


One thought on “History Lesson: Jon Hamm and The Blue Note

  1. He also starred in the video for Herman Dune’s “tell me something i don’t know”.

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