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5 Things to do before seeing Tennis

Retro indie pop duo Tennis composed of husband and wife Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, are coming to Rose Music Hall this Saturday and I couldn’t be more excited. Riley and Moore met as students in Colorado. A project formed between them when they spent seven months on a sailing expedition. The Denver-based duo put aside their plans for law school and instead got married and took on music full time. Their music reflects the happy-go-lucky nature of their story and the breezy sights of the East Atlantic Seaboard. Tennis has something to offer to a plethora of music fans. Their style spans from old-school twee pop to surf rock and even playful psychedelia. If you were a fan of STRFKR earlier this year, Tennis is right up your alley.

1. Listen to their new album, Yours Conditionally

“Ladies Don’t Play Guitar” and “In The Morning I’ll Be Better” are my personal favorites off the album. The former shines because of its smooth baseline, clean harmonies and inherent irony. The latter for its sublime aesthetic and honesty.

2. Listen to their singles

“Origins” and “Needle and a Knife” are probably the most popular Tennis songs, and for good reason. “Origins” integrates the medley of influences that make a great Tennis song: simple song structure, a hint of psychedelic soloing and upbeat vibes. “Needle and a Knife” explores the push and pull of a long-term relationship — something Tennis can attest to — while juxtaposing its biting lyrics with a sound that emanate positivity.

3. Don’t sleep on the deep cuts

Not all of the best Tennis songs are album centerpieces. “Marathon” starts with a catchy groove that’s driven by nothing more than a snap of the fingers and a simple melody before bursting into blissful yacht rock. “Mean Streets” flirts with indie rock without straying from the delicate production and naiveté that makes their music so charming.

4. Check out their website

Whoever designed their website is a genius. It looks like an old PC screen and it’s glorious. Please, see it for yourself.

5. Come early

This weekend is going to be in the 70s and 80s which means Rose will be open all day Saturday. Don’t miss out on a beautiful afternoon in the park. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if this show sold out so get on it!

This post was written by Ben Kane, contributing writer for The Blue Note and Rose blog.

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Four Ways AJJ Just Gets It

Have you ever turned to music to hear someone who gets it? A voice that totally understands what you’re feeling and puts it into words better than you ever could? Don’t we all? But sometimes, don’t you just wish an artist would sing it how it is without all the abstract, vague references to unspoken feelings?

AJJ (Formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad) is one of those artists who just gets it. He blatantly sings about issues that everyone can relate to. He touches on everything from how much growing up sucks, to how much your ex sucks, to how much the world sucks.

1. The world sucks sometimes and so do humans, but that’s normal. 

“How is the world so small when the world is so large. And who made the world, could I please speak to who’s in charge.” – “People II: The Reckoning”

This song sums it all up. People are flawed and the world is flawed. AJJ lets us know that yeah, we’re all a little messed up, but it’s okay. It’s okay to be messed up and it’s okay to be angry sometimes because we’re all human. I respect this message. Listening to this song also makes me feel better about some of my bad habits… like eating an obscene amount of cheese balls every time I get stressed out.

2. Growing up really f***ing sucks. 

“Growing up really f***ing sucks. I want to fall in love but I don’t love anybody. But I’m afraid I don’t care.” – “Growing Up”

I don’t know a single soul who hasn’t identified with that statement at one point or another in their life. Personally, I identify with that statement right now. Growing up sucks. You keep getting older and you have all these responsibilities and your family wants you to be in love – but what if you aren’t? It’s enough to make you want to lay on the floor and reevaluate your life, because sometimes that’s just what it comes to.

3. Life is too short to be sad all the time. 

“Let’s make the most of it, ’cause life’s too short to f**k with.” – Jesus Saves

In this song, AJJ recognizes that we all get sad sometimes. As much as it would be easy to sit and cry about it, life is simply too short for that. Yes, we all get sad or get down on ourselves. But so what? We can’t waste our time being upset or feeling hopeless or else we’ll “rot away” without really living our lives. Pick yourself up, get over it and move on. Also, eat chocolate and watch sitcoms. Do whatever it is that is good for your soul.

4. Equality. 

“People are people regardless of anything. I have faith in my fellow man, and I only hope that he has faith in me.” – “People”

People are people regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, income, background or ANYTHING for that matter. AJJ recognizes that people can be hateful, inconsiderate and unfair. But you’re special, I’m special, we are all special. We need to believe in one another. We are, essentially, all the same in our differences. Now go hug someone.

5. Everyone on this earth is a family. ❤️

“We are all one big band across this land and we should sing in tune.” – “No More Tears”

This one doesn’t need an explanation. We all need to recognize we are one big happy family. Love wins.

If you identified with any of these reasons why AJJ just gets it, then you’ll enjoy listening to them at Rose Music Hall tonight.

This post was written by Erin Curry, contributing writer for The Blue Note and Rose Blog.

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Peace, Love, The Mowgli’s

WhereThe Blue Note
September 24, doors at 8:00 p.m., show at 9:00 p.m.
Ticket Cost:
 $15 Advance / $17 Day of Show
Dreamers, Colony House

Do you ever feel like the only thing that can get you through a hard day, a long drive, an all-nighter or anything for that matter, is music? Not just any music, but the right music. The music that makes you feel. The music that vocalizes everything you’re feeling.


Or even the music that brings you out of your internal box you’ve put yourself in so that you don’t implode or explode with all the bottled up feelings you’ve been hiding away?


Yeah, same.

And I think The Mowgli’s get that in all of its entirety. They have a brilliant way of reaching out to everyone’s heart and really touching it. There are certain situations in life where you just want to hear something that matches the way you feel.

For example, with the first round of exams being over, I have this overwhelming feeling of pure happiness and relief. I mean yeah, I’ve got my stuff together, I completed my exams without failing and I only had like two fleeting thoughts of dropping out and traveling the world, so I consider it a success!


This song totally identifies with that mood. It’s also really catchy so you should give it a listen. I know you want to.

The really cool thing about The Mowgli’s is that they have a song that almost anyone can identify with.

For example, for all of you “independent and perfectly happy with your life, but also open to being with someone but at the same time” kind of people, you’ll love this song. It kind of makes me feel like I’m in a rom-com. (Which I have decided is a cool feeling.)

The vibes I get from The Mowgli’s are undeniable. You can’t help but #feelthelove

Speaking of vibes, the openers for The Mowgli’s are spot on. I’ll give you a quick taste and leave it up to you to explore further.



Their latest album is called This Album Does Not Exist. So hip, so great…like this song. If you liked it as much as I did then click here for more awesomeness.

Colony House


Their latest album is called When I Was Younger. The vocals are so beautiful and of course the vibe is so chill, relaxed and overall amazing. I can’t sum up their talent in just one song so just trust me on this one and listen to it all!

All the feels, am I right? If you want to hear more then check out the band’s website and stay tuned for their new album which will be out soon.


If I had to sum up The Mowgli’s and their fabulous openers I would have to say that they all promote happiness. What could be a better message? I think that not only did they achieve happiness with their music, but they also are responsible for giving everyone a little reminder or at least a little taste of what life should feel like.

I experience so many feelings, emotions and warmth when I listen to their music and it’s simply incredible. I mean for a song to have that much power that within the first 3 seconds you start to really FEEL something. That’s a rare talent and I believe that it’s something really unique to The Mowgli’s. They are looking to promote positivity, acceptance and love and they do it through one of the most powerful and popular mediums; music.

This post was written by Erin Curry, contributing writer for The Blue Note and Rose.