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Local Natives finish off tour with incredible show at the Note

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Photos by Kenzie Bruce

Every one in Columbia and their cousin was at The Blue Note last night. And as soon as Local Natives took the stage after the phenomenal opener Moses Sumney, the entire venue pretty much lost it and the next couple of hours were like a fever dream of dancing, screaming and that Local Natives-esque beachy-wave alternative rock. If that wasn’t a genre of its own before, it is now.

Local Natives’ songs are unusually dynamic. They don’t believe in catchy choruses or repetitive melodic verses and that makes for an exciting live show that keeps the audience on their feet. Perhaps that’s why Local Natives have grown so much since their first album, Gorilla Manor. When the band was in Columbia four years ago, it played Mojo’s at $8 a ticket. Since then, they’ve played festivals and shows all around the country and released the wonderful album Hummingbird. They are certainly a band that pulled themselves up out of obscurity with hard work and great music if ever there was one.

Though Local Natives are nearing the end of their tour now, they revealed last night that they would be going home to their Los Angeles abode to begin working on their third album. We can’t wait, boys.

This post was written by Chantelle Moghadam, a contributing writer at The Blue Note.


One thought on “Local Natives finish off tour with incredible show at the Note

  1. Just had the pleasure of seeing them live at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. What an amazing show!

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