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Show Preview: Samantha Fish

Where: Rose Music Hall

When: Tonight! Doors at 7:30 p.m., show 8 p.m.

Tickets: $10 in advance // $12 day of show

Opener: Aina Cook

Samantha Fish and her signature “aching guitar riffs and thunderous drums” will grace Rose Music Hall this Saturday. As a teenager, Fish honed her guitar skills and gritty blues-rock sound hanging around Knuckleheads music club and other blues guitar masters in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. The more she hung around, the more Fish was hooked on what would soon become her musical career. Releasing her third studio album “Wild Heart,” Fish is a seasoned recording professional.

Although music is now Fish’s career, she likes to think of it as more fun than a job. She boasts “Let’s Have Some Fun” as top song and her Spotify artist page backs her on that.

Fish commands the stage as if she’s the Beyoncé of blues so it’s safe to say that this is going to be one killer show.

Not only is Fish an amazing musician and performer, her lyrics “Lay It Down” like no other. He’s got the ace up his sleeve / got a pistol by my side / and if he pulls first, I’m gonna give it to him right / I said ohh ohh, It’s just another Saturday Night.”

If you’re wondering who will be warming things up for Samantha Fish this Saturday, here’s a taste of Aina Cook‘s booming vocals.


The amount of badass music to be played at Rose tomorrow is going be mind-blowing. Tickets are still available. Ladies and gents, don’t miss your chance to jam and dance.


This post was written by Rebekah Northern, contributing writer for The Blue Note and Rose Blog.


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Show preview: The Cadillac Three

Where: The Blue Note

When: Thursday, Dec. 1. Doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m.

Ticket cost: $18

Openers: Ryan Beaver

The Cadillac Three has a distinct fuzzy country rock band sound that is raw and relatable. Experiencing “TC3” live changes the game, and it’s going down tomorrow night. Let me help you become acquainted with these badass musicians.

The Tennessean bandmates Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray and Neil Mason have been creating music together since their teenage years. From playing empty dive bars and crashing couches, to writing hits on Nashville’s music row, to selling out major shows throughout the U.S. and Europe, the trio has collectively encountered just about every high and low within the music industry.

From their experiences, a raw and unique sound was born that transcends genres and some may even say eras that go back to 70s southern rock. The Cadillac Three has the ability fully bring down a house full of Lynyrd Skynyrd to Dierks Bentley fans without rearranging a song on their set list.

Grinding out hit songs is nothing new to The Cadillac Three, especially for lead singer and guitarist, Jaren Johnston. Along with writing with TC3, Johnston has written songs cut by likes of Jake Owen, Keith Urban, Frankie Ballard and Tim McGraw… just to name a few.

The trio’s top hits include their staple single “The South”

…along with “White Lightening”

and “Party Like You.”

A die-hard Cadillac Three fan, like myself, will tell you that it is really tough to pick a favorite song from their albums.

Here is mix of TC3 essentials for you:

With the great amount of music and success associated to The Cadillac Three, Jaren Johnston recently shared with CMT, “I don’t actually think we’ve ever really tried to write a hit. It’s the realness bringing people in. We’ll sing about fighting, growing up in a small town, spraying your name on a bridge or me missing my wife. I think fans are seeing the realness in a world where a lot of it’s fake.”

Do not miss your chance to see The Cadillac Three at The Blue Note.

P.S. Show up early because Ryan Beaver will starting the night off right! Check him out:

This post was written by Rebekah Northern, contributing writer for The Blue Note & Rose Blog. 

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Peelander-Z Have Travelled Light Years to Bring You Pro-Wrestling and Punk: Show Preview

Where: Mojo’s
November 11, doors at 8 p.m., show at 9 p.m.
$10 advance | $12 day of show. 
Running From Paris

Are you ready for some intergalactic smackdown set to an upbeat punk soundtrack? Well, the extraterrestrials known as Peelander-Z can help sate your need for over-the-top cartoonish violence and larger than life kaiju, when they perform Tuesday, November 11 at Mojo’s.


Calling themselves a “Japanese Action Comic Punk band hailing from the Z area of Planet Peelander,” Peelander-Z is made up of Peelander-Green, Peelander-Pink, Peelander-Black, and Peelander-Purple. Former members Peelander-Red and Peelander-Blue left the band to teach at Ninja High School and to rule as King of Planet Peelander, respectively.

If you can’t tell by this point, Peelander-Z is known for their out of this world persona and extravagant live shows. Each member of the Peelander squad wear ridiculously awesome anime inspired clothing, usually evoking The Power Rangers or Godzilla-type movie monsters. For fan favorite song, “Mad Tiger,” they even bust out special costumes depicting a tiger and a squid/guitar costume.


A staple at a Peelander-Z show is audience interaction, as the band frequently pull guests onstage to perform alongside them. They have even been known to turn their instruments over to other performers or audience members, so the music can continue while the band members perform a skit. The band members also have a tendency to jump into the audience during the show, which is honestly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their hectic live shows.

Human bowling, hanging from balconies and stage set ups, fake-fighting between band members mid-song (usually WWE style with a fold-out chair), and even piggy back rides are all to be expected once Peelander-Z step on stage.


People going to a Peelander-Z show should expect a workout of the body and mind, as both are whisked away for a set straight from outer space. Fighting monsters, spandex clad band members leaping around stage and bowling themselves headfirst into oversized bowling pins are just a few of the wild acts you might witness and partake in, should you choose to accept your mission from Planet Peelander.

Opening for Peelander-Z is pop-punk group Running From Paris, a local four piece that formed earlier this year.

This post was written by Zachary Van Epps, Contributing Writer for The Blue Note.