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Just Announced: Griz, where computers and saxophones mix

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120929_rowdytown_jordanloyd_wm_009If you’re looking to get the funk down, look no further. The Blue Note is happy to announce the upcoming GRiZ show on April 30.

Promoting his second album, Rebel Era, Grant Kwiecinski AKA GRiZ will continue his tour across the states and parts of Canada with a stop at The Blue Note. Rebel Era is the artist’ second album after Mad Liberation and can be streamed for free at


Kwiecinski, a Detroit native, labels his music as part of the “Mad” genre, attributing his talents to “computers, controllers, and the saxophone,” and states his influences range from funk to “glitchy bass” and “tight grooves.” If your lost in between all the genres, consider his tunes to be a mix of festival techno infused with soulful jazz.

GRiZ is like a one-man Big Gigantic, which is an electro duo that uses sax and drums to get a dance-y, hip-hop-y, jazz-y, EDM-y sound. Big G played The Blue Note back on Oct. 13 last year (watch a video from the stage’s perspective here).

But back to GRiZ. One of the best glimpses into his computer/saxophone mix can be heard in his new song “Hard Times.”

He also does remixes of all kinds ranging from rock to rap. One of his uploaded videos features a redo of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes.”

In all, if your looking for a young, innovative new talent, be sure to come by and check out the show.

Post written by Natalie Maggiore, Blue Note contributing writer.


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