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Sax and the City: Big Gigantic on 9th

Last Thursday, The Blue Note wrapped up its 9th Street Summerfest concert series, and it was certainly no small matter.

For the first time since Girl Talk in the summer of 2012, electronic music has grooved its way back to the outdoors. This time we were graced with the headlining act of Big Gigantic who delivered their classic funk-style electronic with some halloween flare. The venue was themed to fit the part with inflatables on stage and webs in the foyer of The Blue Note.


Seasonally, a rather warm day came to an end as St. Louis-native DJ LuSiD began the night soon after the gates opened. The early arrivers were given a dose of psychedelic funk that was key to get them ready for a long night of all varieties of electronic sounds.

As the sun set and the wind picked up, the onesies began to flock toward the venue. From all directions at the intersection of 9th and Walnut, party goers and music fans were flowing in to get a taste of the madness.


People were stacking up in front of the stage and began to sprawl on the front steps of other local 9th Street businesses as Big Wild took the stage to “I Just Wanna” to get the crowd moving. Vast desert landscapes and ocean scenes mesmerized us before Big Wild snapped on his live drums as the beat dropped. Big Wild’s show implements his unique remixes to other popular songs with the use of his live instrumental components. Among the ones played was, “Hey Mami” by Blue Note alum Sylvan Esso, where he live whistles the chorus. Other notable remixed songs played were “For The Love” by GRiZ, “Generationwhy” by ZHU and a common fan favorite “Stand Up” by Ludacris. He even mashed up his own “Venice Venture” with “Throw Some D’s” by Rich Boy. 

Big Wild will be returning to The Blue Note on February 13! If you had a good time last Thursday, or if you missed out on the fun, be sure to come to this one!



Now a packed house, 9th Street was buzzing with people all around, inside and out of The Blue Note. At intermission, we reloaded on tall boys and laced up our dancing shoes. At around 9 pm, Big Gigantic opened up hot with their timeless jam with GRiZ, “Good Times Roll”. Rocking their monkey and blue Care Bear onesies, Dom and Jeremy joined the hundreds that made the decision to have a cozy concert experience. The crowd got up to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and got down when Dominic mixed “As We Proceed” into the halloween classic, “Ghost Busters”. Even a happy couple showed they “Got The Love” by getting engaged under the October sky.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 7.26.42 PM.png

Last fall, Big G’s set was composed of songs off of their, at the time, new album. This time around we got a solid mix of songs from older albums in their career like “Stronger” and “Touch the Sky”. We also had the chance to hear a clean mix of “Get On Up” that segued into their remix of Kanye’s “Get Em High” while the production screen displayed live POV videos of the duo jamming out on each of their instruments.

This show was full of music and friends. The outdoor set up gives way for a wider variety of show experiences. You can rage in the front and get close to your fellow ravers, or chill towards the middle or back where you might see a few kids running around amongst the hoopers. You could also go inside to take a break from the noise and catch up with your friends. It allows for more of an overall experience on top of a live show. Big Gigantic played for a variety of people, but they still established the community atmosphere that is present at all 9th Street shows.


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In Khan We Trust

The other day I was talking with my roommate about classes, how I’ve developed a binge-watching addiction on Netflix and that my motivation was at an all-time low. I realized that I had reached my mid-semester slump. Like any good roommate she suggested that we go downtown on a Monday night, forget our responsibilities and just have fun. Although it was tempting, I had to be somewhat responsible and say no in lieu of my test later that week. She then suggested that we go to a concert, knowing that I couldn’t say no to that.

When I looked at The Blue Note concert schedule for this week and saw Valentino Khan was performing Saturday it was almost as if the music gods had answered my prayers. I don’t know if it was the timing, the fact that I was scheduled a morning shift that day, or that I just really love his music (or a mix of all three), but I’ve never been so excited for a concert. Here’s some reasons you should be just as excited as I am:

1. The perfect excuse to let loose. TREAT YOURSELF.everybody-dance-office-gif

2. Live music with good friends never disappoints. Whether you’re having a terrible week or a great week and just looking for something to top it off, live music with good company is always the solution.


3. Every time the beat drops I feel a sense of satisfaction and that’s a feeling you can’t pass up. You know when the music keeps building and building and building and then finally… it drops and you just look at your friend like “ohhhh my god :-)” In that moment you forget about everything but the music and it’s impossible to not love that feeling.








Here’s a song that I think defines that feeling.

P.S. It’s an amazing song in general.


4. I can skip the gym without feeling bad. Because I’ll be dancing my booty off.










5. His openers are pretty awesome and that always makes a concert 100x better. He has two openers, MedusA and Henrik the Artist. Here is a little taste of them:


Henrik the Artist:

6. And last but certainely not least, Valentino Khan is not just an EDM producer. He’s a man of many talents. He’s an A-list producer, an EDM creator and most importantly a full-time partier – he will put on the perfect show for anyone who is looking for a good time.


This post was written by Erin Curry, contributing writer for The Blue Note and Rose Blog. 

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What people are saying about Life in Color and why you don’t want to miss it

What: Life in Color 2014
When: April 26
Where: Midway Center (parking and shuttle info here)
Tickets: $28-70, buy here

You can find out a lot by creeping on Twitter.

I have done this, as I am not ashamed to creep on various social media platforms (admit it, you aren’t either) and this is what people are tweeting about Life in Color:

And here’s what people said about 2013’s Life in Color:

If the Tweets don’t speak for themselves, look at these people covered in paint having the most bomb ass time of their lives.

DJs for this year include Cash Cash, DJ Carnage and Machine Gun Kelly.

In other words, just fucking go. You’ll thank me later.

This post was written by Amanda Mainguy, a contributing writer for The Blue Note.