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Just Announced: Is Schoolboy Q the next Eazy-E?

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Kendrick Lamar wants to save the world. Schoolboy Q just wants to fuck your girlfriend. And party. And bullshit. And wash down the occasional handful of Oxycontin with a little sizzurp.

But all in good fun, of course.

If Black Hippy is the new N.W.A., Schoolboy Q (his mother knows him as Quincy Matthew Hanley, or just Quincy Matthew when she caught him with a plate of “mashed potatoes” under his bed) is the new Eazy-E. (Love to Jay Rock too, but this is Q’s time to shine).

Ab-Soul might’ve donned Eazy’s Locs shades, but Schoolboy’s copped his dangerousness-and-still-don’t-give-a-fuck good time. It’s the reason a lot of broke, white-trash midwestern kids like myself fell in love with gangsta rap in the first place. It was dangerous, it was subversive, but most of all – it was authentic. Somebody else was broker than shit as well, but they were from a radically different place. The hood is as novel to us as the trailer park is in reverse. But the struggle’s the same. Just instead of Deliverance, they had Boyz n the Hood. This is why Eminem was such a huge deal in rural America. He successfully crossed the river Styx and came out rappin’ like a motherfucker on the other side.

I listened to School’s last album, Habits & Contradictions, on a sunny drive in the afternoon. That’s what Q’s music is made for. That and for noddin’ out. Preferably not at the same time, though I’m certain quite a few Schoolboy fans have experimented (See “Hand on the Wheel,” below). That’s what Schoolboy fans do. From the droning bass of the first song, “Sacrilegious,” to the insanely infectious choruses of “There He Go” and “Druggy Wit Hoes Again,” I was hooked. And the hook is deep. The icing on the cake was that, even in the midst of wallowing in the id, Schoolboy was conscious of where the lifestyle was taking him, as songs like “Sacrilegious” and “Blessed” beautifully (and gruesomely) illustrate.

Schoolboy’s put on some weight since this early Black Hippy days, but so have I (Your mid-to-late 20s do that to you kids, just wait). But it’s all good. His rhymes have put on weight as well. Expect heavyass bars on Oxymoron, y’all.

Schoolboy’s put on some weight since this early Black Hippy days, but so have I (Your mid-to-late 20s do that to you kids, just wait). But it’s all good. His rhymes have put on weight as well. Expect heavyass bars on Oxymoron, y’all.

But why is this music so effective at makin’ ya move your ass? Well, his lyrics are fun and real, like O.D.B. meets Ghostface. But the real secret is that low end sub bass. That’s the hook in the West Coast hip-hop meat locker. That and intricate production. The in-house TDE crew has gots da golden ears. Goddamn.

It’s always been the bedrock of West Coast hip-hop, ever since Dre fused gangsta with funk. But it’s alive and well within Black Hippy today.

So I’m excited for Oxymoron (stated for a Feb. 25th release date), and it looks like I’m not the only one. It’s the first album listed on Take a look:

With outside production from the likes of Boi-1da, David BannerPharrell WilliamsJ. Cole, and The Alchemist, this shit is gonna bump hard. And with Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar peer reviewing each track, you know the lyrics and concepts are gonna be on point as well. Aside from my man Big K.R.I.T.’s “Cadillactica,” there’s not another hip-hop album this year I’m more excited about.

SchoolBoy’s usual and irresistible cockiness may end up being prophetic this year. Among the hip-hop elite, he may just end up being the man of the year. At least one of ‘em for sure.

So grab your tickets for The Blue Note show on Monday, April 21. And if you’ve never listened to Schoolboy, familiarize yourself below. ‘Cause this is the year your junior high cousin starts singing his songs. Just like somebody slipped me a copy of 2001 on the seventh grade school bus, the kids this month’ll be doing the same with Oxymoron.

Q’s gonna try like hell to outdo Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city, and even if he doesn’t succeed, it’s gonna be fun as hell to watch him try. I predict, that even if it’s not an album fit for the Library of Congress, it’s gonna be an album that’s a hell of a lot more fun to listen to on summer nights. And that’s always been my favorite thing to do with music anyways.

Watch him explain some of his process here:

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