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New beer taps at The Blue Note

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What is a Blue Note concert without good beer?

Still a good concert, I guess. No one needs beer to enjoy good music.*

That said, we do…you know…serve beer. And guess what! Now we’re serving ~new kinds~ of beer on tap.

What kinds of new beers are on tap? These kinds of beers:

Pub Ale

A pint of this English wallop would’ve gone good at the Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls show in October, but we bloody well missed that chance, didn’t we? Ah well, there’s always next time. Oi! Buy this.

Brewery: Tallgrass Brewery

Location: Manhattan, Kansas

ABV: 4.4%


A wheat beer with a “snap of tart.” Its website describes its “mouthfeel” as initially rich and creamy,” but ending “spritzy and with a refreshing twang.” Mmm. Sounds/tastes good to us. Buy this.

Brewery: New Belgium Brewery

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

ABV: 5%

5-Day IPA

This is a big, homegrown, All-Missourian, grainy, hoppy IPA made specially for you and all other paying customers. Drink it slow. Not too slow. Please buy another.

Brewery: O’Fallon Brewery

Location: O’Fallon, Missouri

ABV: 6.1%

Hot Date

I’m skipping the obvious joke. This beer has Chipotle peppers and dates in it, so hence the name. You’re probably too young to know what dates taste like, but we know you like the taste of Chipotle, so why not? Come on. Buy this.

Brewery: Piney River

Location: Bucyrus, Missouri

ABV: 6%


*The Blue Note does not book bad music.


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