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Throwin’ it Back: MarchFourth Marching Band


Where were you the night of June 15th? Whether you were partaking in the dance frenzy at The Blue Note that was the MarchFourth Marching Band show, or kicking yourself because you didn’t buy tickets in time, we’ve got you.

Our Flickr page is, quite literally, your very own time capsule for the great live music that comes through Columbia. It’s kind of like teleporting to front row without having to weave through the crowd explaining, “My friends are up there I swear…” to every annoyed eye roll from someone who has a strong feeling you probably don’t even have friends. Yeah, we see you…

You’re welcome.





Photos by Michael Cali. This post was written by Lauren Styx, contributing writer for The Blue Note Blog.


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Throwback Thursday: Manchester Orchestra, Nov. 22, 2013

Remember when Manchester Orchestra rocked a full house and kicked started everyone’s winter break in the best way possible, I sure do.


COPE. That’s the word an anxious and energetic audience stared at while waiting for the band to take stage. I’ve been to concerts where I left feeling like, “Yeah, you know that was really good. They made me feel something; those guys really know how to impact an audience.”

Never, though, did the band have me analyzing, reflecting and feeling something before they even performed.


The Front Bottoms

Manchester Orchestra took stage at The Blue Note November 22, 2013, and, man, did they deliver. Openers The Front Bottoms and O’Brother rallied a fist pumping and chanting crowd beforehand, and then, BAM: the COPE backdrop. I couldn’t help but reflect on how simply the word defines what Manchester Orchestra constantly fights for in all of their music: dealing with struggles, finding peace, expressing emotion and coping with it.

I was basically standing on one foot the whole night shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, but that night I felt like I was surrounded by close friends who were going through the same things as me.

I’m not one to go cheesey-talk on every concert I go to, but this one is worth the cheese — maybe even as fine as Gouda.

Enjoy some pics:








Post written by Erica Whyman, Blue Note contributing writer.