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Here Come the Mummies…again!

Where: The Blue Note
When: Saturday, March 18. Doors 7:30 | Show 8:30
Tickets: $21.50 advance | $24 day of show
Opener: Hound Sounds

Get ready CoMo, Here Come the Mummies are coming to get funky for a special St. Paddy’s party this Saturday. This isn’t the first time Here Come the Mummies have graced the stage, it’s the third time they’re playing for us this year! Is it obvious we can’t get enough of them? Now, a look back onto some of HCTM best moments onstage in Columbia…

1. March 24, 2016


HCTM brought their brand of “terrifying funk from beyond the grave” to our stage for the first of their three 2016 concerts at The Note. Their sound has been described as a cross between Fitz & the Tantrums and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. This particular show highlighted how fun their indoor shows thanks to their killer production.

mummies 2

2. 9th Street Summerfest 2016

mummies 3

Here Come the Mummies were just one of the amazing acts that headlined in our Summerfest series last summer. Even in the extreme heat, these mysterious guys donned their full mummy disguises and took the time to meet a few fans after the show.


This could be you!

3. This Saturday!

These guys are sure to put on an energetic show in the spirit of continuing St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. Don’t miss one of the most unique groups around and come with a little extra cash because their merch is to die for. (Har har har.)

mummies 4

Also be sure to check out the opening band Hound Sounds coming to us from St. Louis!

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The Revivalists: Show preview

Where: The Blue Note

When: Tuesday, March 14. Doors 7 p.m. | Show 8 p.m.

Tickets: $22

Transcending: The single word that defines the music created by the ever-talented seven-piece band known as The Revivalists. To be the best and the most successful in the music business, an artist must defy genre limitations and expose their fans and themselves to a melting pot of music. That being said, The Revivalists have beautifully transcended these expectations by creating songs that encompass the various sounds and rhythmic grooves of alternative rock, soul, blues, R&B and progressive trance, and ultimately provide that jam band feel.

Fun fact: “Jam band” describes musical groups whose performances feature extensive musical improvisation and long sets of songs that cross genre boundaries.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of crossing paths with any of The Revivalists’ stellar tunes, let me introduce them to your life and give you a few reasons to come check them out.

Ever heard of Galactic?

or Dumpstaphunk?

If you’re a fan of either, you know that jazzy, funky, bluesy, chill vibes sail from these bands’ cores. Drawing inspiration from their New Orleans roots, each band cultivates a unique groove that withstands the minimalist sounds of funk and soul music. With each performance, listeners release themselves to the undeniable synergy between the universe, body and soul.

How about Dave Matthews Band?

Or O.A.R.?

Unlike Galactic or Dumpstaphunk, both of these bands have a more subtle, smooth, alternative rock sound that connects fans to the world around them. Each band’s lead singers have distinct vocals that successfully unite with background instrumentals and rhythmic variations, resulting in a fusion. Although the use of more classical sounds differentiate them from the previously mentioned bands, their general jam band approach remains the same.

While each band delivers their own unique form of this style of music, they all have something in common. Each of them transposes the organization of their chords and melodic noises to get listeners lost in the music and in touch with their roots. They exemplify the past by digging into their original musical roots, which today have become so easy to lose a sense of.

If you answered yes to knowing any of the above bands, check out this playlist illuminating The Revivalists’ exploration and reconciliation of various stylistic and harmonious sounds and get ready to jam tonight.

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Rebelution: Show review

Talk about feel-good, hip-swinging music. If you missed this, you missed a great concert. Try not to get too down on yourself about it though, because you have me to fill you in on what you may have (but hopefully didn’t) miss.

I have start by admitting that I was a stranger to Rebelution and their amazing music before this show. I had no idea what I was missing out on. I decided to go to the concert on a whim, and I am so glad I did.

Being a front row fanatic, I ran up to the balcony as soon as I got there so I could take it all in. This was the first thing I saw:

I instantly picked up on the infectious rhythm. I remember looking out on the crowd, seeing all the fans moving to the music and I felt it immediately. At that moment, I knew I had discovered a new type of music that gives me a euphoric feeling that I crave.

So I put my phone down, closed my eyes, felt a huge grin fill my face and let the music take over.

One of my favorite parts of attending concerts is the unique production that each band or artist brings to the venue. Rebelution’s production was out of this world and while I tried to capture it, there’s no way these pictures could do it justice.

And this amazing guitar solo. I got lost in the lights while recording this video.

I don’t know what it was about this next song but I couldn’t help but dance to it. This song had the best beat and rhythm and it made my soul come alive.

The name of the song is “Roots Reggae Music.” Here’s the record version for you to play on repeat in case you like it as much as I do.

One thing I absolutely loved about this whole experience was the overarching message that Rebelution stands for. In the middle of the concert, Eric Rachmany (the lead singer) paused, looked at the cheering crowd and said “We are on a mission to promote love, peace and acceptance for everybody’s differences in this world.”