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5 reasons Lotus will be just like a music festival

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Where: The Blue Note

When: Wednesday, March 1. Doors at 7:30 p.m., show at 8:30 p.m.

Tickets: $20

Openers: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Summer is only a couple of months away and we all know what that means — festival season. Tickets for popular festivals such as Bonnaroo and Electric Forest are selling quick (if they haven’t sold out already). If only there was a way for you to see one of the festival artists right here in Columbia, right? Well, you can! Lotus will be gracing the stage at The Blue Note with their post-rock/electro vibes in less than a week.

Lotus is an innovative and inventive band with a unique sound. They pride themselves on being equally rock and electro, a combination that completely challenges the idea of normal. But who wants to go to a normal concert or  live a normal life?

Lotus describes themselves as being the “Only band with two guitars at an electronic music festival,” and the “Only rock band that will play house beats.” Not convinced this concert will live up to your idea of a festy-type experience? Well, allow me to prove you wrong.

    1. They recently released “Eat The Light,” their latest album that’s packed full of jammy goodness. Here is one of my favorite songs.
    2. Festivals always feature a variety of tunes that cater to every type of music-lover and Lotus somehow manages to cover most of those genres on their own! They cover everything from instrumental to electro to rock to indie to jam. You can listen to all types of genres without having to migrate to a different stage like you would at a festival. For example, this song has a very island-like sound with a female vocalist. Random…but totally awesome.
        3. They’re all about good vibes. Seriously, their website is

      . That’s what festivals are all about, right? Here’s a playlist that showcases songs from Lotus’s newest album and also some pretty awesome songs that totally go along with their sound. This playlist features the likes of ODESZA, Pretty Lights and more.  All the vibes, man.
    4. Their opener is seriously AWESOME. If you haven’t heard of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, you’re already missing out. Listening to their album puts me in a funky heaven. Check this song out and you’ll know what I’m talking about:
    5. This concert will be at The Blue Note and a night at the Note is a night away from reality. People go to festivals to take a little break from the tribulations and stresses of everyday life and let the music and good feelings bring everyone together. This concert will do just that. After all, what could be better than good music, good people and a little escape from reality?

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