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Return of the Taco

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Pepe’s is back in the kitchen at Rose Music Hall and they’re here to stay! Rejoice with tacos, nachos, music and a new hope that 2017 might be okay.

If you haven’t had Pepe’s before, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Pepe’s tacos have become famous in Columbia since Pepe started a food truck. He moved into the Rose kitchen and after a brief hiatus, he’s back. So if you’re unfamiliar, it’s time you become acquainted.

Scene: You’re getting off work and you’re in need of a cold one and food — stat. You head down to Rose, grab a beer and watch some of  your favorite local artists at Happy Hour while eating some pretty damn good tacos.

Alternate scene: You’ve had a few too many cold ones and now your stomach is a bottomless pit. Either way, Pepe has you covered.


Author: Cameron Evans

Hi I'm Cameron! I'm a writer, journalist and recent grad of the Missouri School of Journalism currently on the job and story hunt.

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