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Mike Posner: Show Preview

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Where: The Blue Note
September 4, doors at 7:00 p.m., show at 8:00 p.m.
 $22.50 Advance | $25 Day of Show
Adam Friedman

When I hear the name I think about the top hit from my middle school days “Cooler Than Me” or his latest single, “I Took a Pill In Ibiza” that has played in the background of many college gatherings.

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It’s no secret that Posner kind of fell off the grid for the past five years. In fact, Posner himself mentioned that he was “a singer that already blew his shot” in his latest hit. But I disagree with Posner on that one. I’m a firm believer in second chances and I think that not only is Mike Posner making a comeback, but that he’s an artist to pay attention to. 

who is mike posner meme

Posner is on tour right now performing his new album, At Night, Alone. If you’re anything like I was, you only know one song from this album. But like any good journalist, I took some time to listen to his album and look at his blog. And just like any good artist, Posner has a story behind his songs.

He says on his blog that every song sounds better and even means different things in certain settings. For example, a John Mayer song will sound better on a lengthy drive home in the late hours of the night when you’re reflecting on life as opposed to when you’re tailgating with a big group of people.

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The idea that certain songs touch people in different ways depending on the setting they’re being listening to in really piqued my interest. As I read on, I learned that Posner based the entire album on this idea. He even named the album on the setting in which he suggests that you listen to it… At Night, Alone. So I took his advice. I listened to his entire album at night, alone in my room. This is what I think about a few of my favorite songs:

Not That Simple – “The Heartbreak Song”

crying 2 gif

I would definitely listen to this one after a heartbreak… seriously, this song kind of brings you down even if you’re feeling up. But at the same time, it could really speak to you if you’re feeling a little broken or when your heart is hurting. This song has the potential to heal, and I’m a fan of that.

Be As You Are – “Makes You Miss Home”

miss my mom gif

This one I particularly like because it talks about his relationship with his mother. Maybe it was my late night ~feels~ or the fact that I’m a college girl who needs her mom sometimes… but yeah, this one got me.

In The Arms of a Stranger – The “Trying but Failing to Get Over Someone Song”

cant get over him meme

I don’t know about you guys but have you ever tried dating someone when you still have feelings for your ex? Yeah, same. The instrumentals and the beat of this song give me life. It almost makes me feel like Posner understands this is a difficult situation but it’s ok. You’ll understand what I mean once you hear it. Listen to this song. It will speak to you, I swear.

Silence ft. Labrinth – “The Feels”

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I don’t know if it was because I was alone in my dimly lit room but the instrumentals and the lyrics on this one really got to me. The music wasn’t necessarily slow and sad but it was different. It communicated a feeling without words. I really FELT something during this song. I can’t quite pinpoint the feeling, but that’s ok. I don’t think all music was made to provide clarity. I think some music is created to make you feel.

Iris – “There’s Hope Some Random Guy Loves Me Song”

hopelessly in love

Just your typical love song from the perspective of a hopeless romantic who thinks he has no shot. Simply a classic.

Mike Posner is not just a pop singer or the mastermind behind “Drug Dealer Girl,” “Cooler Than Me,” and “I Took A Pill In Ibiza.” He is so much more than that. He’s an artist and he’s phenomenal at his craft. Music has so much power. It can make you hurt, heal, smile, sing and reflect. Mike Posner understands this. I think his music is powerful. And hopefully after his concert, you will too.

This post was written by Erin Curry, contributing writer for The Blue Note and Rose.


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