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LCD Soundsystem vs Daft Punk: A Dance Party Tribute – Preview

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Where: The Blue Note
November 21, doors/show at 10 p.m.
DJ Jen Ha

Not everything in the music world always turns out right (unless you’re Beyoncé.)

People make bad songs, bands get in fights, the Grammy’s go to the wrong person (ahem . . . Macklemore), repulsive videos are plastered across the internet, worse – they’re taken off the TV channel that was meant for music videos, etc.

But, there are few things sadder than the the unpredictability of the industry. One day you’re a hit band, the next you’re breaking up. One day you’re announcing a new album, the next you’re AWOL and fans are sitting impatiently waiting for you to reappear.

Well, at least that’s the case with LCD Soundsystem and those guys they listen to in their basements (hint: it’s Daft Punk.)

The world was saddened by the LCD sudden break-up and farewell concert in 2011 and let’s be honest, no one knows what’s going on with Daft Punk – ever.

But cry no more, electronic/house/dance music lovers! The Blue Note has your solution. A good one.

When life get’s you down, sometimes you just have to dance it out (think Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy style.) Thanks to DJ Jen Ha and these two wonderful groups for their great music, we now present you a night of originals and remixes in their honor plus other related jams for your moving pleasure!

So bring your best moves, even if they’re sort of weird.



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