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A Very Decadent Halloween: Show Preview

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Where: Mojo’s
October 31, doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m.
Ticket Cost:
Free (Donations accepted at door)
Devices for Survival

If there’s one band in the world that completely encapsulates the spirit of Halloween (besides the people who made the Monster Mash, of course), it’s gotta be Decadent Nation. Lucky for you, the stars have aligned. They’re playing at Mojo’s for A Very Decadent Halloween. Plus, it’s free. Plus, it’s outside. What more could you ask for?

decadent nation

Their sound mixes elements of both rock and metal, but where they really turn heads is in their live performances. They’ve been touring since 2005, and during that time have played everywhere from military bases to what they call “sociopolitically themed guerrilla shows.”

The artwork for their latest album “Fortaleza” is just a picture of a house burning. They have a song entitled “Ganja Queen Mary.” The frontman is known to do crazy stuff on stage. Halloween and Decadent Nation go hand-in-hand.

decadent nation frontman

A Very Decadent Halloween isn’t just a concert though; it’s an event. It’s taking place in Forrest Rose Park, which is right outside Mojo’s, and will feature undead cage dancers, tons of spooky elements, and even a costume contest. Bring your best, because the winner gets a $100 gift certificate to The Blue Note.

Decadent Nation has been hyping the show all week on their Facebook page, promising a thrilling Halloween for all. Don’t miss out.

This was written by Jack Flemming, Contributing Writer for The Blue Note.


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