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Rocky Horror Picture Show: Show Preview

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Where: The Blue Note 

Date: October 28

Time: Doors @ 8, Show @ 9 

Cost: $10 

It’s that time of year again, kiddos. Grab those fishnets and leather spankies from the depths of your closet because Rocky Horror is back for Halloween season and it’s not something you want to miss.

If you haven’t heard of or seen the famous Picture Show, let us folks at The Blue Note help you! There’s nothing quite as eye-opening as a live performance of this incomparable cult classic.



If you’re preparing for your first live show or your first witness of the wild world that is Rocky Horror, here’s a few tips to help you out in preparing for the big night!

Now, we don’t want to ruin the entire plot, but as a forward, know that this play includes all of the following: transvestites, dancing and singing, grand motorcycle entrances, lots of theatre props, saying names back and forth until you’re too confused to know what’s going on, over-the-top makeup, big lips, doctors, the singer Meatloaf, and more that you’ll just have to see for yourself.

But know, to the most important things.

1. DRESS UP! The best part about seeing Rocky Horror live is the atmosphere of the theatre. Most of the characters have very specific costumes that you can easily copy (i.e. Frank N. Furter, Magenta and Columbia – see below!), but if not, the best and easiest way to go is a pair of fish nets, something sparkly and some bright red lips!



2. Use the props! Most of the scenes have related props, like throwing rice during the wedding! A full list can be found here! If you don’t know what to do, you can read the list or you can just follow along! Don’t freak out if you feel rice in your hair or water in the air. It’s all part of the experience.


3. Follow the crowd! There will be a lot of call and response with the movies (sort of like the props!) The words can change a little bit depending on the theatre, but you’ll get the hang of it. According to the Rocky Horror website, if there’s anything to know, it’s that whenever they say Brad’s name, you need to say “ASSHOLE!” Don’t know who Brad is? Say it anyways. Don’t think Brad is an asshole? Say it anyways. Don’t know what the hell is going on? Definitely say it.


4. Learn the Time Warp! One of the best and funnest parts of the show is participating in its feature dance number. Never fear, it’s pretty simple and you can find it right here! It’s just a jump to the left . . . .


5. Go with the flow! Everything is going to seem insane and out of this world (literally), but don’t be embarrassed to join in, let loose, scream loudly, throw stuff and dress to the nines (as long as you’re being respectful!) If this is your first time, you’ll get a “V” on your head for “virgin” (no, not that kind . . . just to seeing the movie live!) Embrace the V!


Now get ready to have a good time and try not to get over run with anticip. . . . . . . .



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