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Metal + Trance = Combichrist: Show Preview

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Where: The Blue Note
When: October 23, doors at 7:00 p.m., show at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $20
Openers: William Control, Darksiderz, Davey Suicide

Never heard of aggrotech music? Electro-industrial? Hellektro? It’s okay, neither has anyone else. Looks like we’ll all be learning something new when Combichrist comes to Columbia on Thursday.

The aggrotech genre finds itself nestled between metal and trance music, which makes for an interesting sound. It’s dark, it’s intense, and it makes for an insane show. There are few bands better at capturing this sound than Combichrist.


You don’t have to travel too deep into their discography to find intrigue. With album names like “Everybody Hates You,” “The Joy of Gunz,” and “Today We Are All Demons,” it’s pretty apparent that they’re the living embodiment of the aggrotech genre.

The band is a creation of Andy LaPlegua, a Norwegian currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. He records all the band’s albums himself, but he’s joined by a four-man band for support during live shows. You know, so he can fully focus on looking incredibly scary while performing.

Combichrist Konzert am 27.06.10 beim RGT

In terms of the show itself, it looks to be a memorable one. In an interview this year, LaPlegua said “I prefer to play the venue shows, like the five or six hundred because it’s so much more intimate.” Compared to some of the festivals they’ve played with 30,000 people watching, The Blue Note looks to be the perfect environment for the band.

You probably hear this a lot, but this band truly does sound nothing like you’ve ever heard before. Head on over to The Blue Note website to pick up tickets.

This post was written by Jack Flemming, Contributing Writer for The Blue Note.


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