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Rock, Rhythm, and Reggae: Tribal Seeds Show Preview

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Where: The Blue Note
When: October 22, doors at 7:00 p.m.
, show at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $15
Openers: Ballyhoo!, Gonzo With Beyond I Sight

Steve Jacobo of Tribal Seeds

Steven Rene Jacobo of Tribal Seeds

Has the enclosing fall weather been getting you down? Do you want to recapture the warmth of the summer and forget these weeks of cold rain and wind? Do you want to replace the brisk Missouri vistas for sandy beaches and cool Ocean breezes? Then, my friend, Tribal Seeds could be your ticket to paradise.

Sorry to mix up rock and reggae, but that is exactly what Tribal Seeds does! The six piece group from San Diego, California, play an eclectic mix of reggae, rock, roots, and even soul. Their music is spiritual in nature, with a distinct edge that many reggae groups can lack. Tribal Seeds embrace their rock inspirations as much as their reggae roots, leading to a unique sound.

Opening for the Seeds are Ballyhoo! and Gonzo With Beyond I Sight. Known for the smooth, distinctive voice of their lead singer and guitarist Howi Spangler, Ballyhoo! play pop-tinged reggae with the wild energy of punk rock.


Ballyhoo! performing live

Gonzo With Beyond I Sight is a collaboration between Ryan Gonzo, lead singer of Tribal Seeds, and Beyond I Sight, a Southern California collective of roots and reggae musicians. A musically tight group, they are known for their dub friendly horns and lavish keyboards, deep bass licks and classic reggae drum beats.


Get a ticket today to soak up the good vibes at Tribal Seeds with openers Ballyhoo! and Beyond I Sight featuring Gonzo.

This post was written by Zachary Van Epps, contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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