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Foster the People: Show Preview

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Where: 9th Street, Between Walnut and Broadway
October 8, doors at 7 
Openers: Soko

You know what’s better than a concert? A Foster the People concert, on a Wednesday, in the middle of the street.


Okay, not really. But you should be excited for a number of reasons and hurry up and snag some tickets before you miss the main music event of the season.

Here’s some persuasion (like you even need it.)

1. They will probably, maybe, perhaps sing that one song you know. You know, that one about the running and the guns and whatever. They might even play it last because emphasis (They will play it last because emphasis.)

2. This one time, their song “Helena Beat” was featured in 21 Jump Street. This might be the closest you’ll ever get to Channing Tatum.

3. Despite having just debuted their second album, Supermodel, this year, they’ll definitely play a large amount of Torches. Think, “Houdini,” “Life on the Nickel,” “Call It What You Want,” and more.

4. Did I mention it was in the street on a Wednesday? You get the chance take to the streets of CoMo with your peers, dance throughout the sidewalks you normally drag your sad, heavy backpack down, and run rampant as sweet, sweet music blares through the speakers and Mark Foster dances adorably back and forth down the stage. We are #blessed.

5. I mean, just look at them. They’re perfect.

So, you know, time to get pumped up. 


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