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Dopapod and TAUK are bringing the improvisational instrumental funk: Show Preview

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Where: Mojo’s
October 7, doors at 8:00 p.m.
Ticket cost:
Openers: TAUK


Are you feeling the urge to jam out, but don’t want any lead singers muddying up those crunchy grooves? The genre hopping instrumental band Dopapod can help sate your appetite for noodling guitars, explosive drops and all things improvisational. Well, I don’t think the band does improvisational comedy. Who knows though, stage banter is an art form after all.

Dopapod play a hazy mix of rock, jazz, electronic and progressive. Their meandering songs, which can stretch upwards of twenty minutes, move from hard bopping dance tunes to heady jams that can only be summed up as, “Woah.”

Drifting from metal to funk to soul in the course of a song, the four members of Dopapod showcase their tight live rapport by following one another’s improvisations throughout a song. They can settle into a groove, ramp up a tune or just go all out wild at the drop of a dime, with no member left playing catch up.

I know we all love to joke about opening acts, but I think we can skip the jibes when taulking about TAUK, another instrumental, electronically leaning jam band.


Like Dopapod, TAUK straddle the genre divide. They are like a tourist at the Four Corners, trying to fit his arms and legs into different states. TAUK have their fingers in jam, funk, krautrock, psychedelia, progressive, the list goes on. You just never know where TAUK will tauke it next.

Also like Dopapod, TAUK are an insanely tight live act. They utilize what I like to call the “Pixies Effect,” going from quiet to loud at the drop of a hat. One moment they’re in a smooth light jam, then before you can say “groovy,” they are going TAUK-to-the-wall crazy.

I’m sorry, I know I’ve tauken this joke a little too far. It’s just getting tauky now.


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