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Ben Rector: Show Preview

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Where: The Blue Note
October 2, doors at 7 pm
Ticket cost:
Openers: Jon McLaughlin

Attention romantics of Columbia: Ben Rector is back and he’s going to steal your heart. No seriously, the dude’s songs will make you laugh, cry and sell your soul for love after two lines.

The Nashville native, pop rock artist will be gracing the stage once again tomorrow night with opener Jon McLaughlin. His fifth album, The Walking in Between debuted last year at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 and he has sold over 2 million singles.

These are great stats, but I know what you’re thinking. “Where’s the good stuff, Natalie?” “Why haven’t you mentioned that he nicknamed his four piece band ‘Bennie & the Jets’ or how he wrote his own website bio because he is a humble angle?”

Well, I just did, but to prepare you for the upcoming show, here are five of his most swoon-worthy lyrics to ready your already fast-beating heart.

1. “I’ll carry your burdens and be the wind at your back. I wanna spend my forever – forever like that.” – “Forever Like That”

2. “But when I’m with you I’m no longer wandering. And when I’m with you, I swear I can breathe.
When I’m with you, I know who I am and who I want to be.” – “When I’m With You”

3. ” There are way too many love songs. And I think they’ve got it all wrong. Cause life is not the mountain tops. It’s the walking in between. And I like you walking next to me.” – “I Like You”

4. “So darling, don’t you worry. I’ll be there before you can close your eyes. I’ll be there to kiss my baby and dance with you until the morning light.” – “Dance With Me Baby”

5. “Loving you is elementary. It’s easier than one two three. I passed school so consequently. It’s coming so naturally.” – “Loving You Is Easy”




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