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Rose’s Pawn Shop Brings the Folk to Columbia: Show Preview

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Where: Mojo’s
September 16, doors at 8:30 p.m., show at 9:30 p.m.
Ticket cost:
The Havana Honeys

Rose's Pawn Shop

Let’s be honest; it’s been too long since you got rowdy. No, the hoedown at the frat you went to last weekend doesn’t count. Neither does the time when you listened to one of the estimated 35 country radio stations in Columbia. I’m talking rowdy. Like, wrangle a snake, smoke a corncob pipe, and wear an oversized belt buckle that says “Everything’s Bigger In Texas” rowdy.

Thankfully, Rose’s Pawn Shop is here to help you.

The five man band from LA will be gracing the Mojo’s stage on Tuesday, and you won’t want to miss their unique mix of folky bluegrass and rock. Here’s a taste:

Eventually, I’ll be alright. Not tonight,” croons frontman Paul Givant. The cool thing about this quintet is that their lyrics are just as interesting as their fiddle-banjo-madolin riddled music.

Rose’s Pawn Shop has mastered the balance of fusing together the perfect amount of catchy hooks, interesting lyrics, and good ol’ country twang, and people have taken notice. In 2006, Billboard awarded them “Best Band in the West” in their Independent World Music Series.

Their latest tour is in support of their newest album “Gravity Well,” and trust me when I say the album is a banger. It’s gonna be exhilarating to hear their new songs live, and for $8, tickets are a steal. Pick them up here.

This post was written by Jack Flemming, contributing writer for The Blue Note. 


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