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9th Street Summerfest — Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Vagabond Through Town: Show Preview

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Where: The Blue Note

When: June 4, doors at 6:30 p.m., show at 7:30 p.m.

Ticket cost: $25

Openers: Crash

The above interview made me a fan.

I’d never heard of Alex Ebert, Jade Castrino, or any of the rest of the Magnetic Zeros clan until the show was announced. I could pretend to know everything about them (you’d probably never know!), but that seems rather disingenuous, so let’s cut to the honest chase.

I listened to all three of their albums, in their entirety mind you, this morning.

Ever since I watched Bob Dylan roast a TIME reporter for not even having heard his songs before, I kind of vowed not to be that radically inauthentic in my career. So I wanted to catch up on what I’ve missed before I wrote to y’all.

I must say, I dig Mr. Ebert’s tunes. I haven’t listened through the entire catalog of his first band, Ima Robot, so I can’t speak to any relevant backstory (or continuing story rather, Ima Robot is still chugging along as well), but I did relate to the whole “girls-are-keeping-me-from-being-the-messiah” mythology of his fictional alter-ego, Edward Sharpe. Satan’s nothing compared to an eye-batting Mary Magdalene. Drink my Kool-Aid!

Alex and Jade, live at Bonnaroo 2013.

Alex and Jade, live at Bonnaroo in 2013.

ANYWAY, I think their second album was my favorite. At first, after just realizing that their song “Home” was that tune from commercials, I kind of dismissed them. I wanted the deep, soul-searching lyrics I usually look for in Americana. Like those found in Sturgill Simpson‘s or Conor Oberst‘s (coming to The Blue Note June 5th!) stellar new records, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music and Upside Down Mountain respectively.

But it was in that second record, 2012’s Here, that I found those songs (“I Don’t Wanna Pray” and “Dear Believer” appealed to my repressed, Southern Baptist up-brought side). Their most recent self-titled album harbored a few of the same quality lyrical ilk as well (“Let’s Get High” and “This Life” were favorites).

I too, like Ebert, dream of living the hobo, Kerouacian, music-making life. With a rotating roster of 12 of his musician friends in tow, Ebert’s made that a reality.

And I’m looking forward to the show next Wednesday if for no other reason than to live vicariously through a fellow wannabe hobo who made it. Way to go, Sir Alex.

No problem, dude.

Thanks, dude. Appreciate the blog article! (Not an actual quote).

This post was written by Tyler McConnell, contributing writer for The Blue Note.


Author: tylermcconnell

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” ―Bob Dylan

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