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Dr. Dog is going to transport you back in time

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Where: The Blue Note

When: June 7, Doors open at 8 p.m., Show begins at 9 p.m.

Ticket cost: $16

Openers: The Districts, The Hawks

drdogindexThe first time I saw Dr. Dog, at The Wiltern Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, I felt like I should be sporting bell-bottom jeans and long straight hair. The band is generally comprised of counterculturists seemingly from some other era, but it’s hard to tell which. And it’s not just their appearance that gives off the impression, but also the vintage flair of their music.

The band has two phenomenal vocalists who switch off between taking the lead on songs. Vocalist and lead guitarist Scott McMicken is short, has an outdated haircut that pokes out from under his big, floppy hat, and has a high-pitched and unsteady voice that sounds incredibly eager. Vocalist and bassist Toby Leaman, on the other hand, has a deep and wailing voice and always wears sunglasses on stage. Both fit Dr. Dog’s sound perfectly.

Since seeing them at The Wiltern, I’ve seen them in concert over and over again because their performance is always compelling. They’re one of those bands that, even if you didn’t know any of their music, you could still go to the show and have a great time. This will be one to drag your friends to. Here is one of the first songs I heard from the band:

Dr. Dog recently released their eighth studio album, B-Room, in 2013. Make sure to check out the new album before coming to the show on June 7th!

This is a post by Chantelle Moghadam, a contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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