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An American Au Revoir

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We all like to feel cultured from time to time. More importantly, we like an excuse to party.

We have both. France has a richer history of electronic music than we do. (That doesn’t mean we can’t do it too, but hey, it never hurts to pay homage to the kings.) The French electronic ambassadors Daft Punk, Justice and David Guetta are the biggest names in the world.

Ryad Kolli makes up half of We Are Lambda. He’s French (spécifiquement, de Grenoble), but he’s been in Columbia since August, taking classes at Mizzou. Before he flies back to the Old World, though, he’s playing one more banger at our house for The Lion’s Den Vol. II on Wednesday.

We Are Lambda. Ryad on right.

We Are Lambda. Ryad on right.

So American!

So American!

We Are Lambda does a lot of things: electronica, dubstep, drum and bass, whatever else you can do with electronics. For the folk fans out there, they even remixed Noah Gunderson’s song, “Family.”

He’ll also be playing with a few other, more American electronic artists, AslanArtek, and djzj. Entry is only a $5 bill.

It’s going to be hot. Speaking of which, $2 fireball shots. Let’s give We Are Lambda a fond American farewell.


Look at this tourist.

Look at this tourist. A true American.


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