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What people are saying about Life in Color and why you don’t want to miss it

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What: Life in Color 2014
When: April 26
Where: Midway Center (parking and shuttle info here)
Tickets: $28-70, buy here

You can find out a lot by creeping on Twitter.

I have done this, as I am not ashamed to creep on various social media platforms (admit it, you aren’t either) and this is what people are tweeting about Life in Color:

And here’s what people said about 2013’s Life in Color:

If the Tweets don’t speak for themselves, look at these people covered in paint having the most bomb ass time of their lives.

DJs for this year include Cash Cash, DJ Carnage and Machine Gun Kelly.

In other words, just fucking go. You’ll thank me later.

This post was written by Amanda Mainguy, a contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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