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Conor Oberst, One of Our Kind: Show Preview

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Where: The Blue Note
When: June 5, doors at 8 p.m., show at 9 p.m.
Ticket cost: $27, $30 at door
Special Guest: Dawes

Don’t miss this show. For real, we’re not kidding. Conor Oberst is coming to Columbia, and that does not happen every day. He’s releasing a new album, which doesn’t happen every day.* Do not graduate from Mizzou and move away from Columbia right before the date of the concert. Imperative. Don’t miss this show.

It’s been a while since Bright Eyes. Yeah, he reunited Desaparecidos, but we got a pretty limited output from that. A couple of singles, a couple of b-sides. We’ve seen a couple glimpses at some solo stuff.

Well now he’s got an album coming out and BOOM! here’s a link to a Pitchfork article streaming SEVEN videos of new songs from our guy. Don’t pee yourself. If you’re reading this far, you’re probably in the Oberst cult, and you’re probably peeing yourself. Mop it up. Hold yourself together.

Upside-Down Mountain comes out May 19. More importantly, Oberst will be playing The Blue Note on June 5.

*More like every other day

This post was written by Robert Langellier, contributing writer for The Blue Note.





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