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Say Anything — so much more than a John Cusack movie

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Guess what.

Say Anything is coming to The Blue Note on July 10. They’re touring for their new album, HEBREWS, out June 10.

Bonus! The So So Glos are Mojo's veterans. They played in October, 2013.

Bonus! The So So Glos are Mojo’s veterans. They played in October, 2013.

Reasons why you should see them:

1. Lots of musical connections.

These guys have been around the punk-alternative-emo-pop rock block a few times, which means they have a lot of pretty cool friends.

Front-man Max Bemis is married to Sherri DuPree, member of the band Eisley, whose bassist Garron DuPree also plays for Say Anything and engineers their albums. Max and his wife have a side project, Perma. They have some cute little kids together.



Kenny Vasoli (of the permanently-on-hiatus Starting Line, RIP, except they played a festival in Scotland recently so idk what they’re doing now. Anyway.), who now is doing some solo stuff and collaborations, toured with them in 2010 and 2011 and played bass.

2. Lean with Linder

Their former drummer Coby Linder left the band to pursue becoming a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach. He has a website, Lean with Linder (!) and it’s adorable. Good for him.

3. Old Dirty Bastard

I could extoll their lyrics, music, live shows, and the popularity of their many records, but all you really need to know is that this song exists. Shoutout to circa 2007 pop-punk movement and the widespread use of the word “crunk.” All of your arguments are invalid because of this:

Tickets available here.

Post written by Amanda Mainguy, contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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