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Yelawolf is a Slumerican

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Now that it’s March, it’s time for a show; Yelawolf’s coming to the Blue Note, now you know. You can come buy a ticket to see Yela, you can come buy a ticket to see YELA YELA YELA, ay ay ay, you can come buy a ticket to see YELLLLLLLAAAAAAAA(Wolf.)
– Sung actually in real life by Rihanna

I hate myself.

And you will too if you don’t buy a ticket to see hip-hop artist Yelawolf at The Blue Note on April 12.

And we all know that you don’t have time for self-loathing or pity parties featuring you, stained sweatpants and Cheetos fingers with the occasional emotional tweet. #NoRegrets

With his fourth studio album Love Story coming out in May, and its first single “Box Chevy V” just recently released, Yelawolf will not be a show to miss.

He’s come a long way since his releasing his first mixtape, Pissn’ in a Barrel of Beez, in 2005. Starting in Nashville, he has since produced plenty more mixtapes, his four albums among others that have been in and out of works, and created his own brand.

If you need some convincing, here are some facts that should (and will) definitely do the trick:

  •  Yelawolf is the epitome of the triumphant underdog story. At one point in time he was homeless, living in a park in Berkeley, CA. Now he’s signed to Eminem’s label Shady Records, Interscope Records, and has his own label called Slumerican.
  • He made his last album, Psycho White, with genius Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.
  • His mix tape, Trunk Muzik Returns, features artists like Paul Wall and A$AP Rocky.
  • To put it lightly, he’s friends with a lot of people you probably also want to be friends with. (Or at least see live.)
  • His album, Radioactive, debuted at number 27 on the Billboard Top 200.
  • He’s engaged to singer FeFe Dobson, which means even more musical influence.
  • He’s also a mural painter, and was on TV show The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott in 2005 to show of his talents.

If you need some inspiration in your life, this is who you need to see and where you need to be.

Post written by Natalie Maggiore, contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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