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Josh Abbott Band are country, dadummit!!

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Josh Abbott Band is extremely Texan, but they’ll be branching out soon.

The country group will be here in Missouri on April 5. For those of you who think of them as an assembly line, pop-country group, check yourself.


These are self-made men, risen from Texas by their own guitar strings. Like indie country, maybe. Josh Abbott Band has made itself a household name without ever using a major label. That’s a mighty feat—name a single other country band that’s managed that. 

And yeah, they’re country. It’s in the song titles. Here, look at this song called “She’s Like Texas.”

Here’s one called “Road Trippin,” whose video mysteriously takes place on a boat. But hey, there’s beer, bikinis, and dudes on boats playing guitars, so maybe details like the feasibility of boats running on paved roads aren’t particularly important here.

You see? Very country. Don’t say otherwise. Josh Abbott will get angry: “When people hear we have a banjo or a fiddle on the album, they go, ‘Oh, you guys are bluegrass?’ It’s like, ‘No, dadummit! We’re country! What happened to country music?!’”

Post written by Robert Langellier, contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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