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Show Announcement: Giant beard to smuggle Jamey Johnson into Columbia

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2010 Leadership Music Dale Franklin Awards

That’s one giant beard.

For the laymen among you, Jamey Johnson didn’t just write the “In Color” song from like four years ago. His last three records have been nominated for Best Country Album at the Grammy’s, including a 2012 tribute album to Hank Cochran that featured giant guests like Emmylou Harris, Allison Kraus, and Willie Nelson. He’s also written songs for Trace Atkins, George Strait and Jessie James.

Now this big-bearded Alabaman is hitting Columbia on April 25. Who knows, maybe he heard we’re in the SEC now. We’re not asking why, but we’re happy to show him some southern(ish) hospitality.


Well. Turns out, he’s tight with Matthew McConaughey of Dallas Buyers Club / True Detective / The-Oscars-last-Sunday fame. Every year the two bet $500 charity dollars on the BCS Championship Bowl (R.I.P.). McConaughey directed THIS weird-looking music video about a gorilla, and look below — Here’s McConaughey and Johnson hanging out on set and being best buddies:


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