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This is your chance.

Right here.

You’re looking at it.

The announcement you’ve been waiting for.

It’s every college students dream to see this artist.

He is the spokesman for America’s college student. He understands the trials and tribulations of responsibility, interesting relationships, prejudice, and the imminence of a good hair day.

With 15 albums and a Grammy nomination for his most popular song, these $10 tickets are going to run out like Cheetos in a pothead’s room.



He even has multiple Christmas albums.

You guys, Joseph Edgar Foreman is coming!

But, you might know him better as Afroman.

See what we did there?

See what we did there?

That’s right kids!

Your favorite curly-headed drug-lover is about to walk through our very own land. (Please don’t sell your house, though.)

Whether you follow his Snoop Dogg-style weed regimen or not, we’re certain you know every single word to timeless, Grammy-nominated “Because I Got High” and other hit “Colt 45.” So why miss the chance to hum those words with every other student you know?

Did you know “Because I Got High” was one of the very first viral sensations on the Internet?
True story.

We can either roll to the park after dark and smoke that tumble weed or head down to The Blue Note on March 12.

And how could you possibly miss this show when his last few albums come with titles like Frobama: Head of State, My Fro-losophy, and Save A Cadillac, Ride a Homeboy.

If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even share something from A Colt 45 Christmas.

I guess you’ll just have to grab $10, skip cleaning your room, and come find out.

Post written by Natalie Maggiore, contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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