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4 reasons to love Tegan and Sara

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1. Their style is suave as hell.

But really. Like if I was only as trendy as one of the Quin sisters, I think my life would be a little easier. But it’s hard to have it all.


2. They have incredibly nice cheekbones.

I know I’m not the only one thinking this. Seriously, you could substitute those angles for fancy cutco knives, am I right? LIke. Sheer perfection.



CT  CTH Tegan and Sara-a.jpg

3. The evolution of hairstyles the duo has experimented with over the past 2 decades is truly impressive, and it all works too.

The hair was so amazing that even Amy Poehler hopped on the Tegan and Sara train.

Our girls Tegan and Sara.

Our girls Tegan and Sara.


Our girls Amy Poehler and Casey Wilson.

 See for yourself.

4.  They’re kick starting their new tour “Let’s Make Things Physical” the right way by starting at The Blue Note.

Catch them Tuesday, May 6. 

Tickets go on sale this Friday 2/28 at 10:00 a.m.


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