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Ha Ha Tonka… nothing to LOL about!

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The lively and joyous music of indie-American quartet Ha Ha Tonka is no guest to The Blue Note stage. Their reputation has grown over the course of their first three records, and the most recent album release titled Lessons confirms the band reputable name.

Speaking of names… these guys must laugh a lot… haha. If you find yourself as curious as I was as to where they got their name, it’s actually simplistic seeing they are home bred and grown here in good the ole’ midwest. Ha Ha Tonka comes from a state park in Missouri, an original home ground paying tribute to the Ozark Region, for band members Brian Roberts, Brett Anderson, Lennon Bone, and Lucas Long.

These guys are nothing to joke over though. Just this past week, Ha Ha Tonka had a break through of exposure on NPR World Cafe Radio. After a long road of hard work, they deserve the slot. Whose laughing now ridiculously wealthy and over exposed Justin Bieber!! (mini-rant…no shame).

Intrigued? You should be. Don’t miss out on Ha Ha Tonka coming to Columbia at The Blue Note Friday, March 7.

Ticket Info

This post was written by Erica Whyman, a contributing writer for The Blue Note


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