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We just made great beer taste even better

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Don’t believe me? Close your eyes and listen carefully.

(All right so that makes reading the rest of this post slightly more difficult, so maybe keep one eye open)

You’re at a bar, let’s just say it’s — Harpo’s  and you order a beer. Now let’s be honest. It’s probably Coors or Miller Light because it’s on special, and you’re poor but desperate, or because it’s Thursday and you’re jonesin’ for a buzz. Its mostly foam and to top it all off, that jackass of a bartender served it to you in a plastic cup. Mmmm taste that? It’s PLASTIC. And it tastes awful.

Now picture this.

You’re at The Blue Note, a great band is about to walk on stage and you mosey up to the bar to grab a drink. You’re presented with your choice of 23 different beers on draft. Let’s say you choose New Belgium Snapshot because you read about it here. And then, it’s presented to you in a one-of-a-kind, fair-trade, blessed by the Pope himself vessel of handcrafted goodness like this:

Blue Note Beer Glasses

Mmmm, taste that? Nothing but the “rich, refreshing and spritzy” taste of that craft beer you carefully chose. Tastes good, doesn’t it?

Okay — maybe only a few of those things are true (I’ll let you decide which ones), but we really do have our very own “beer can” glasses with our name all over them.

Now, once you come in to try out the new beer we have on tap and test drive one of our new glasses, I know you’re going to want to take it home with you. We’ll allow it as long as you chat with the bartender and toss us a few bucks.

Thirsty yet? Come on over and have a drink! Our good friends Porter, IPA and Unfiltered Wheat will be waiting to join you. Oh and music. He’ll be there too.

This post was written by Katelyn Morris, a blog editor for The Blue Note.


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