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Dr. Dog is simultaneously classic and new

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In this photo, Dr. Dog is dressed up to look like coal miners. We don’t know of any coal miners who wear fedoras and scarves, but they look good, right?

That’s who Dr. Dog is. Almost authentic, but slightly too cool. That’s where their strength lies. Coal miners are important to the economy, but they’re not very innovative in the music industry. Dr. Dog always throws a dash of modernity into its faux-aged pop music. It sounds like a temporal collaboration between the 60’s and the 2010’s. It’s jangly, it’s bouncy, it’s folk-influenced, it’s anachronistic…mostly. They are simultaneously classic and new.

Dr. Dog knows they’re not from rock ‘n roll’s roots era. It knows their Tide-fresh white button-ups haven’t seen work in the fields. It knows we know it, too. But we don’t care. We’re here to have fun, and Dr. Dog’s paradoxical small-town charm and big-arena bombast is going to deliver on June 7.

Tickets go on sale at noon on Friday.

This post was written by Robert Langellier, a contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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