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Show Recap: Cults, An artistic reinterpretation of ‘long hair, don’t care’ (Photos)

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1MVOas7DqcND5ymidMa_VFlVOcAAco0na0K8kPnHJks,xm78GuG0DzwY3QD_cAns-6nTTbeC6lVAujW46b64sJA,7KOh_QwR6Lr2L38pd4-kmebZnjbjmLtrDgGw_T6PX7s Cults came through last night, and they put on a show pumped with reverb, heavy bass, and synth. Lead singer Madeline Follin’s voice reverberated into every hidden nook in the venue, and the band played record-quality music.


As you might be able to guess, the theme of the style and dress onstage was long hair and a fashion tableau of the various shades of black — an artistic reinterpretation of “long hair, don’t care.”

Of note were two random fans standing front and center on the mezzanine, dancing and singing to every song. Someone has to keep the balcony folks engaged, after all.


Cults’ light show was particularly impressive, flashing pretty and often entrancing patterns across the whole of the stage, the backdrop, the speaker towers, and the backs of the audience. We saw multiple people snapping photos not of the band but of the lightshow itself (and also the band).

Cults ran through the hits, from “Abducted” through “I Can Hardly Make You Mine.” Guitarist Brian Oblivion stated that this was the third show they’ve played in Missouri, two of which have been right here at The Blue Note. Last time, he said, there were “literally about four people.”

hot-date-ale-cans-in-the-snowI guess they’ve grown since then.

Oh, also: try Piney River’s Hot Date on tap at the bar. That’s has nothing to do with Cults, but it’s important. We like it.





Post written by Robert Langellier, contributing writer for The Blue Note. Photos provided by Kenzie Bruce.


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