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Introducing Club y107: A saturday night dance party/Free-for-all — No questions asked

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GatecrasherBe real with yourself for a moment. How many times have you gone out on a Saturday night to your routine bar or club, only to get there and (gasp) there is a crazy long wait. Then once you get in, the bar is overcrowded because the venue is too small for this nonsense.

Someone has already puked on the floor and its only 10:30, and now it’s almost impossible to get a drink.

Now imagine a new club scene every Saturday night at The Blue Note where you get to DANCE!

Lucky for you, no need for the imagination anymore. Y107 and The Blue Note present Club Y107, every Saturday night starting at 10 p.m. We don’t want to wait for concerts to have fun with you all, so now we started a dance party.

But really, we actually have the space for it in a venue the size of ours. You can do what you need, even if this is your scene:

Just kidding. Stop doing that. You look like an asshole.

Instead, come to y107 and look like you can do this, “the greatest twerk of all time”:

Y107 is 18+, but here is the best part: the first 107 people in the door over the age of 21 get in fo’ FREE! The bar specials get better from here too:

  • $2 Fireball
  • $2 Domestic Bottles
  • $3 Bombs
  • $4 Double Wells
  • $5 Long Island Ice Teas

Change up your weekend scene with DJ JenHa, who spins live music every Saturday.

Oh, and you can expect a chance to win free tickets and giveaways every weekend. Once a month, y107 comes in and even does a live remote show, and what makes these nights even more special is that they bring in promo girls, giving away free shots and giveaways all night.

Stop putting Baby in a corner, and come see for yourself what Club y107 is all about. (Had to. Sorry, not sorry.)

Post written by Erica Whyman, contributing writer for The Blue Note.


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