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Show Preview: Homegrown American artist Patty Griffin in concert

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Patty Griffin is no short of recognition and talent in the music industry. By picking up a cheap guitar at the age of 16, Griffin started playing in local coffee shops and gained some credible recognition in town. Never had she considered a career as a musician, but that all quickly changed when recognized and signed by scouting label A&M Records. Taking lead on the stage since 1992, Griffin has proven the strength of her voice in not only her own music, but through the production and use of other popular folk and alternative country artists such as the Dixie Chicks, Maura O’Connell, and even Jessica Simpson (random…?) I guess not. Griffin’s songs have been recorded by dozens of accompanied artists, and even by some orchestration on American Idol. Through the release and production of 8 studio albums, with her most recent Silver Bell this past October, it’s safe to say Griffin is a busy gal. The Blue Note is proud for getting her here on her courageous venture of a college tour for January and February.

In between producing new material, our friend Patty scored herself a Grammy Award-winning album Downtown Church (2010) featuring classic gospel and has even been featured in several film and television pursuits.

Missing this special opportunity to catch Patty Griffin with supporting artist Anais Mitchell in concert this Thursday, February 6 at The Blue Note would be a sin.


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