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Show Preview: Twenty One Pilot’s favorite song to play live is…

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When: Monday, April 14; doors 6:30, show 7:30
Where: The Blue Note
Cost: $20 (with $2 cash charge for anyone under 21 at the door)
Opening Acts: NONONO, Hunter Hunted

This duo from Columbus, Ohio plays music which I have ultimately decided to refer to as punk-screamo-ukelele-electric-pop-ballad-rap, after I was at a loss of how to otherwise describe undoubtedly some of the most catchy music I’ve heard in a while.

Yeah, it's like that

Yeah, it’s like that

Named after the Arthur Miller play “All My Sons,” they grew from playing ten-person shows to selling out venues and attracting the attention of Fueled By Ramen, a record label that has let them stay innovative in creative in their approach to songwriting. They released their first record, Vessel, in 2013. The goal of their record, they say, is “to make people think.”


“Guns for Hands,” below, is one of their most popular songs, combining punk and pop-ish synths with ridiculous energy, which, if nothing else, would guarantee a pretty wild show. Especially considering the drummer backflips during the set and they are known to wear costumes.

Another of their most played songs, “Holding On To You,” is explained by singer Josh Tyler below, and the clips of the music video preview their use of skeleton costumes often seen at shows. Their music edges on being borderline dark with an upbeat sound, which was interesting to see represented in their videos.


They said in an interview that “Trees” is their favorite song to play live. I can understand why, as a performance of that song includes what I can only describe as crowd-surfing with drums.

If you’re in need of a frenetic, borderline exhausting but ultimately rewarding couple of hours, be sure to check out their show.


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