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Blue Bowl XIV at The Blue Note: Free event

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For anyone wanting to see the Super Bowl in a crazy, larger than life way, The Blue Note and 102.3 KBXR have got you covered. The biggest game of the year will be projected on our 36-foot movie screen, with food provided by Trey Bistro (yum) and prizes throughout the game (free stuff!). After the game, stick around for a show by The Mojo Roots, whose ridiculous energy I wish could be harnessed into my morning cup(s) of coffee. But for real, these guys are insanely good, and regardless of who wins the game their show will perk up your spirits (if your team lost) or continue the celebration (for fans of the victor).



The party starts at kickoff, 5:30, and will run ‘til 11. The whole event is free, you just need a ticket (you can pick them up at The Blue Note).

 For the show, people who aren’t familiar with the Mojo Roots or blues/soul in general should listen to this, this and this before the show.



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