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Cults, still cool

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cults1The girl wears pretty dresses, and the guy wears sunglasses indoors.

Cults is still cool. Still cool to play last year’s Static at parties. Still cool to twirl and dance when you’re slightly drunk in a room of people. Still cool to wear skinny ties. Still cool for boys to have long hair. Still cool for girls to sweat. Still cool to be alone and sad in your apartment. Still cool to swim in pop sounds.

cultsNo longer cool for Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion to be an indie dream love couple, melting hearts and faces. No longer cool to do bath salts, DMT and crystal meth. No longer cool to release grayscale album art.

Still cool to be single, though. Still cool to keep playing music. Still cool to draft walls of weird sound and sing possibly sardonic love songs. Still cool to tour together and put on great shows. Still cool, always forever.

Still cool to see shows at The Blue Note. Cults, Wed. Feb. 12.

Post written by Robert Langellier, The Blue Note contributing writer.


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