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Five All Time Low YouTube videos to make you feel like you’re friends with the band

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All Time Low

When: April 6, doors at 6:30
Where: The Blue Note
CostTickets on sale Fri., 1/24 at noon
OpenersMan Overboard, Handguns

All Time Low has a special ability to encourage (female) fans to go a little insane at concerts. Actually, it’s not just “a little” insane — it’s more like “more bat shit insane than anyone has ever been ever” insane.

Not sure what's going on here...

Not sure what’s going on here…

To quote a 2011 review: “Only at an All Time Low concert will you hear the word ‘FETUS’ chanted, see more bras than Victoria’s Secret has in stock being thrown on stage, and meet girls who are not afraid of getting a couple bruises from crowd surfing.”

So, in other words, the boys know how to put on a good concert. And they’re pretty funny, judging from their antics below.

Lucky for you, All Time Low is coming to Columbia on its A Love Like Tour. Catch them on Sun., April 6 at The Blue Note.

Check back on our blog for more on All Time Low leading up to the concert.

And now, onto the videos that will make you feel like you and the boys are *special* viral friends.

1. All Time Low on MTV’s “Silent Library”


-Guitarist, Jack, running in a human-sized hamster wheel… Oh, yeah, while wearing swimming flippers.
-Vinny, a friend of the band, drinking a delicious smoothie concoction called “Red Neck Mix Up” with grits, biscuits and gravy, friend chicken and pork rinds.
-Five of them enjoying a lovely group vomit.

Bonus video!

2. Lead singer Alex is punished for being late

Death by spinning?

3. Alex and Jack casually answer fan questions…

…Naked, in bed together, drinking wine.

4. Alex and Jack play 21 questions

Everything from Home Alone movies to Amanda Bynes is covered in a lightening-round of questions.

5. All Time Low covering Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”

If you listen quietly, you can hear ovaries burst.


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