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On November 1, NEEDTOBREATHE brought their Stomping Ground Tour in all its soulful glory to The Blue Note. From the second the band hit the stage for the first song, the sold-out crowd was stomping right along to the beat of the show.

The band played fast-paced hits like “Keep Your Eyes Open,” from its most recent album, and”Girl Named Tennessee” and “Lay Em Down” from an older album, The Outsiders.

The energy the group brought to the stage was spectacular, but it also managed to sneak in a few slower songs, including one from its new album that will be released early next year.

The boys also took advantage of the unique set up of The Blue Note and performed an acoustic version of their number one song, “Something Beautiful,” in the balcony to end the show.

The strong, poignant vocals of lead singer Bear Rinehart combined with the songwriting talent he shares with his brother, Bo, and the power behind musicians Seth and Josh make for a convincing live performance. The passion for the lyrics is apparent during the band’s performance and the audience can see each member of the band believes in the music.

In an interview with, Bear says, “Some people want their fans to be a certain thing, and we want our fans to love music. However they come, it doesn’t really matter to us because I think the level at which we relate to them is all about the music.”

Over the past few years, NEEDTOBREATHE has gained popularity among Christian and secular audiences, winning three Dove Awards in 2010 and reaching number 20 in the Billboard charts. The band toured for two straight years, played Bonnaroo and opened multiple shows for Taylor Swift. This year, the band released a studio album collection and is planning to release another album in 2014.


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